As a specialist in hard chrome plating and electroless nickel plating, we offer many years of experience and maximum expertise when it comes to protecting your products against wear and corrosion.

Our coatings reduce wear and extend the life expectancy of the most diverse work pieces and components. In addition, hard chrome plating is also used to repair cylindrical parts.

That is how you save time and money on maintenance, refitting and expensive new investments. We have comprehensive technical facilities at our disposal with which we can process the most varied parts.

With our 11 chrome plating lines (total electrolyte volume 124,000 litres) and a 3-rowed automatic nickel plating plant (total electrolyte volume 16,000 litres) we are able to process the largest dimensions anywhere in Austria.

Our in-house mould production with specially manufactured equipment ensures that even parts with complicated geometry can be coated to the highest precision.

For us quality is of crucial importance. That is why our company is certified to ISO 9001:2008, as solely through this are we able meet our customers‘ high expectations to their complete satisfaction. Compliance with all environmental and safety regulations is also an important principle for us: So that our customers are assured we operate a clean and safe business in every respect.

Thanks to an experienced, well-trained team we can process work pieces of any size and geometric shape, all in optimal fashion. Due to the wide range of equipment, which operates around the clock, we can react with flexibility to all requirements. This enables us to process even short lead-time orders quickly and cost-effectively.

It is a matter of course for us to complete all orders in the shortest possible time and to meet deadlines. Our smooth customer-oriented communication also characterizes us as a reliable long-term business partner.