Grinding and polishing processes serve to prepare for optimal plating as well as for the final superfinishing of dimensions and surfaces. If specified by the quality criteria, or requested by the customer, work pieces and components are polished, belt ground or stone ground by us; whereby we achieve a concentric accuracy of 0.01 mm and a surface roughness of Ra 0.015 µm.

Processing Length Diameter Weight
Precision circular grinding
(between points)
5.500 mm 720 mm 2.000 kg
Belt grinding 5.000 mm 700 mm 2.000 kg
Polishing 5.000 mm 680 mm 2.000 kg

*The above processing dimensions represent the largest possible individual dimension. Our specialists will be glad to discuss with you whether your work piece can be processed in the desired shape and size.

We also offer circular grinding as an individual service without plating!